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Powder Coating Derby, Derbyshire

ADS laser's paintshop facility is ideally suited for providing powder coating services for a wide range of applications in the Derby area. Powder coating is a durable finishing method which prevents rust, protects against chemical damage and wear and is able to form a thick layer with a smooth finish. The primary difference between this and a standard wet paint is the lack of a solvent in the material applied; instead, the coating is sprayed onto the piece, clinging electrostatically before being heated in a kiln, fusing the particles together to form a cohesive surface coating. The particles in the coating form a longer-chain polymer than is in the individual particles, crosslinking into a networked structure. This provides significant advantages over conventional paint in terms of durability.

Powder Coating Services

The paintshop facility near to Derby boasts a 4m x 2m x 2.4m stoving oven for the purpose of powder coatings, making it the ideal choice for coating either a number of small components in a batch or a small number of prototype pieces. The shop can produce specialised jigs for the hanging of irregularly shaped pieces. The powder coat process is quick and efficient, allowing for the coating of multiple pieces with a rapid turnover time. Various coating formulations are available to suit most applications. When combined with ADS laser's fabrication and laser cutting services, the paintshop allows prototyping or small batch production from design to finish, all via one company. Excellent quality and service is provided by experienced staff, ensuring contact with the client throughout the process.

To contact ADS about our powder coating services, call us on 0116 2444 999 or use our online contact form.